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Dental prosthetics

The purpose of prosthetics is to restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth


Dental implantation is a painless and quick procedure

Dental treatment

At the patient's first visit, we examine the condition of the mouth and teeth and perform the necessary procedures to start the treatment

Dental treatment

Our range of dental treatment services is wide:

we offer preventive dental care

we repair teeth with different filling materials

we replace old fillings

we treat root canals

we treat gum diseases

we make aesthetic restoration of teeth


Smile with your heart

At Bliss Dental Clinic, specialists perform dental treatment in various fields.

The dental care benefit

We are a partner of the Health Insurance Fund’s dental treatment benefit for adults.

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An implant is a titanium screw placed into the jawbone that is essentially an artificial tooth root, which allows for a safe and tissue-friendly replacement of a missing tooth.

Dental prostheses

The purpose of prostheses is to restore the function and aesthetic look of the teeth.

Prostheses can be used to replace and restore individual teeth as well as a whole row of teeth, solving the problem of decayed or removed teeth after a couple of visits to the dentist.

The importance of oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is crucial, as it prevents dental and gum diseases, takes care of the health of the whole body, and also helps to save money.

Why is oral hygiene important?

Bacteria, time and food influence the development of dental caries.

Bacteria in the mouth is inevitable.

The longer the plaque is on the teeth, the worse it is.

The bacteria in the plaque make the environment acidic, as a result the surface of the tooth becomes soft.

However, if the plaque is removed in time, there will be no permanent damage to the tooth.

If the plaque is not removed, the tooth will continue to soften, and a cavity or caries will develop.

An annual visit to a hygienist helps maintain good oral hygiene.

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Aesthetic / Cosmetic dentistry

The development of technology has led to many opportunities to create or restore the aesthetic appearance of your smile, i.e. aesthetic / cosmetic dentistry

Modern materials make it possible to change the color, shape and size of the teeth.

Our dental clinic uses modern dental materials to make aesthetic restorations, which in turn ensures a natural look for your teeth.

We offer our patients:


Correction of smile aesthetics using laminates or composite fillings

Correction of teeth and gums

Professional teeth whitening

Painless teeth whitening

Modern teeth whitening technology Beyond
We use modern teeth whitening technology Beyond, Airflow soda wash and prophylactic ultrasonic oral cleaning for whitening.