Dental treatment

For your teeth

Our range of dental treatment services is wide:

  • we offer preventive dental care
  • we repair teeth with different filling materials
  • we replace old fillings
  • we treat root canals
  • we remove tartar
  • we treat gum diseases


Thinking of your healthy smile

How does our service work?

First visit

During the patient’s first visit, we examine the condition of the mouth and teeth, take digital X-rays necessary for treatment (panoramic images, 3D images, small dental X-rays, lateral images of the skull (cephalography), provide the patient with an overview.


If the teeth need treatment, we make a treatment plan and find the estimated cost.

Then, if the patient agrees, we start the treatment procedures.

Regular dental care

After the treatment procedures, we advise our clients to have a regular dental check-up every year.