Dental prostheses

Modern prostheses

What are dental prostheses?

The purpose of prostheses is to restore the function and aesthetic look of the teeth.

Prostheses can be used to replace and restore individual teeth as well as a whole row of teeth, solving the problem of decayed or removed teeth after a couple of visits to the dentist.

There are three types of prostheses: removable dentures, fixed implants and combined prostheses.

Before the treatment, a consultation that includes diagnostics and a plan for treatment stages, is carried out.

Replacement of a tooth or its part with a structure made by a dental laboratory, trial installation, and fixation of the structure.

The preparation of the treatment plan and the selection of the type of dental prosthesis are based on medical indications, and the condition of the patient’s oral cavity.

Making dental prostheses is a joint team effort including the dentist, the dental laboratory and the patient.

Removal of old and installation of prostheses

Our doctors have been engaged in the removal and installation of prostheses for over 20 years