Oral hygiene

Painless dental cleaning

The importance of oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is crucial, as it prevents dental and gum diseases, takes care of the health of the whole body, and also helps to save money.

Why is oral hygiene important?

Bacteria, time and food influence the development of dental caries.

Bacteria in the mouth is inevitable.

The longer the plaque is on the teeth, the worse it is.

The bacteria in the plaque make the environment acidic, as a result the surface of the tooth becomes soft.

However, if the plaque is removed in time, there will be no permanent damage to the tooth.

If the plaque is not removed, the tooth will continue to soften, and a cavity or caries will develop.

"Air-Flow" or pearl wash

It’s a painless procedure that removes stains and plaque from the teeth with a soda, water, and air jet. The soda wash procedure does not damage your tooth enamel and results in whiter, brighter and glossier teeth.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning

It is one of the most modern and safest methods of professional dental cleaning. It means removing tartar and plaque from tooth enamel with a special device (ultrasonic scaler), affecting the surface of already formed tartar with ultrasonic vibrations.

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Both procedures don’t damage the enamel, and are recommended to be carried out twice a year. If required and after a patient consultation, ultrasonic cleaning is used to remove stronger plaque build-ups.