Dental treatment

Preventive procedures for dental diseases, root canal treatment, repairing teeth with filling materials, replacing old fillings

Implantology and oral surgery

Installation of implants, normal and surgical removal of teeth, bone plastic surgery

Gum treatment

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum diseases


Aesthetic / Cosmetic dentistry

The development of technology has led to many opportunities to create or restore the aesthetic appearance of your smile, i.e. aesthetic / cosmetic dentistry

Root canal treatment under a microscope

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in the area of dental pulp and root tip.

Root canal treatment is required for a tooth which pulp has a very deep cavity, is inflamed as a result of trauma, or is dead.

Dental prosthetics

Prostheses can replace and restore individual teeth as well as an entire row of teeth, and resolve the problem of decayed or removed teeth. The procedures only require a couple of visits to the dentist.

Dental hygiene

Oral hygiene procedures prevent dental and gum diseases, take care of the health of the whole body, and also help to save money.


During the consultation, an inspection of the current situation of the patient’s oral cavity is carried out, X-rays are used to help diagnose damage, and an overview of the possible treatment plan is given.