Dental laboratory

A laboratory with the latest technology in Estonia

Bliss dental lab is a full-cycle laboratory, where all orthopaedic constructions are made on-site from start to finish, from casting models to final products.

The main concept of dental laboratory Bliss is an emphasis on quality, which is directly related to the fact that we use modern materials and the latest generation technology.

Our specialists work closely with dentists to achieve the perfect result and a beautiful snow-white smile.


Bliss dental lab is also open to cooperation with other clinics.

We always adhere to the order deadline agreed with the customer.

Our goal is to provide dentists with high-quality dental restorations at a competitive price.

By choosing our company as a partner, you and your patients will enjoy quality and reliability!

To order, send a letter to our e-mail address labor@bdc.ee

Advantages of having our own lab

We make constructions ourselves

Constructions are made in a short time

The clinic and laboratory are in the same building

Once the impressions are taken, the technicians immediately start working.

We don’t waste time on transporting impressions or finding a lab, as everything is done on-site.

A complete solution

Manufactured structures are always of good quality.

The materials used undergo quality control at every stage of work.

Individual approach

If required, the dental prostheses or other structures can be quickly adjusted on-site.

Professional team

Close cooperation between the dental technicians and the doctors helps to achieve excellent results.